Investment Solutions

Capital REIT Investments, LLC ("Capital REIT") is an integrated commercial real estate investment and operating company. We specialize in providing investment vehicles for individuals, institutions, developers, and foreign investors to participate in the ownership of commercial real estate for the purpose of yielding above average risk-adjusted returns.

Capital REIT provides various structures for our investors to accumulate and preserve wealth while capitalizing on market conditions and value appreciation.

Real Estate Funds

Investment vehicles used to purchase and own a portfolio of commercial properties whereby the investors purchase ownership interest of the entity as a whole. The fund offerings have a predetermined lifespan, investment objectives, return requirements, and cash disbursements.                                         

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Real Estate Investment Trusts are structures where investors purchase shares in a corporation in order to participate in the investment, ownership, and management of real estate. Returns are disbursed as dividends. REITs are private, registered, listed, or non-listed based on liquidity objectives.

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Private Placements

Instruments used for single asset ownership or development. These structures are flexible to accommodate varying equity interests, liability exposure, and partnership participation. Limited liability companies, limited partnerships, and tenancy in commons are conventional structures used in private placements.

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Programs, established by the Internal Revenue Service, which allow investors to capitalize on the value of appreciated assets and defer capital gains taxes by exchanging investment property for replacement investments. An exchange allows investors to diversify, reposition, and typically upgrade their portfolio.

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